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University of Houston Downtown

Our main goal is to reach out to students of University of Houston-Downtown (UHD), and to help them to unearth their potential and God given gifts making them productive and accountable citizens in school and any subsequent community in which they find themselves in.


We are a youth fellowship based in the heart of Houston, we are a sub branch of Qodesh Houston South. Our main focus is to build relationships within the youth community that educates one another about Christianity and how to use their God given talents, enabling them to thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Qodesh Youth (Houston Community College)

Qodesh Youth is a youth fellowship by name, and by identity a sub-branch of Qodesh Family Church located in the Heart of Houston at Houston community College (HCC) campuses. Our mission is to reach out to students to be found a people that are free, are young, and are themselves in Christ, as they acquire leadership skills to thrive in their personal and educational lives to be successful in the community.
We also lend a hand to students in uncovering their God-given gifts and abilities.

Texas Southern University


QODESH campus fellowship is a sub-fellowship of the QODESH Family church here in Houston located in the heart and soul of Houston’s very own Texas Southern University. Our mission is to train students to thrive in their educational and personal lives in order to become the best leaders in the community. We also assist students to uncover their God-given gifts and potential.

Our Church Life

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