Dag Heward-Mills is an African Evangelist, the founder and general overseer of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC, formerly Lighthouse Chapel International). He is qualified medical doctor. In 1991 Dag Heward-Mills gave himself wholly to the work of God and has never looked back. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills has a multifarious ministry that has transformed and continues to impact millions of lives across the globe. The UD-OLGC denomination has a presence in 94 countries and on all habitable continents. He has over three decades experience in ministry. Dag Heward-Mills’ passion for God’s work has been characterized by building churches and training pastors. Also helping the needy and invalid, authoring, producing music, and speaking at conferences. Further more pastoring young people, and holding massive evangelistic campaigns in many nations. He has been welcomed by many presidents, chiefs, and leaders of nations, and has personally led several of them to Christ. Dag Heward-Mills is greatly admired for his candid and down-to-earth teaching and writing style.


“From today, you can teach…”

In 1988, during his final year of medical school, Dag was on a community health rotation program in a town called Suhum. Dag Heward-Mills (then Brother Dag) was praying in his room on his knees and resting his head on his bed, when he fell asleep. He had left a message preached by Kenneth Hagin playing on repeat. Dag later recounts, “At about 3 a.m., I was kneeling by the bed praying. I could see the tape recorder situated at the other end of the room. Then suddenly, something literally jumped out of the tape which was playing and moved into my belly.
I could feel it entering me. Then I heard a voice saying, “From today, you can teach.” Then I heard another voice, different to the first, that said, “I will prove it to you”. Upon his return to the church in Accra, Dag’s ministry began to change. Today, we witness the tangible effects and undeniable proof of God’s calling on Bishop Dag Heward Mills’ life and the supernatural power behind those words, “From today, you can teach”.